So Many Thoughts & Nothing To Write About

This is probably the most frustrating; I literally have like four, or five, things I want to write about, but everything seems like it would be better served once I have developed my thoughts more, or best saved for a later date since I’ll have more details then.

But I have to write something other than writing about my writing woes, otherwise, what kind of a blogger would I be. I mean really? I did that for my very first post, and I can’t do it again so soon. I will the future, but not now.

Actually, I guess no one would what to read about why the sky is blue, and how if our atmosphere had a different composition of gases it would be green. The affect being that all bodies of water would reflect this new green sky thus making them appear green. Thereby, making it much harder to tell where the grassy bank ends and the river begins, which leads to a world wide increase of people getting their clothes wet. The whole thing being a giant conspiracy to make us have more clothes than we need so that the clothing industry can make more money from the additional sales. The additional sales demanding an increase of manufacturing, which means more pollutants, leading to an acceleration of climate change that becomes irreversible, thus forcing all organisms to rapidly adapt, or die, and when the mass extinction finally takes place all of humanity will be lost. All because some one thought it would be interesting to write about a green sky.

Just Terrifying.

I’ll try to think of something to write about tomorrow.

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