Review of Star Wars: The Rise of the Empire

Alright, it is time for a mega super review of Star Wars: The Rise of the Empire. We have three short stories (Mercy Mission, Bottleneck, and The Levers of Power) and two novels (Tarkin and A New Dawn) making up this Star Wars collection. I’ve already covered the novels, so I’ll address them again briefly at the end. This review has been a long time coming, but it’s finally here.

Starting with the short stories:

#1. Mercy Mission

This story acts as a nice little prologue/flashback for Hera that I would recommend reading either before you read A New Dawn or after the first chapter of A New Dawn. It’s heart pumping and ties nicely in between Lords of the Sith and A New Dawn.

Hera is a co-pilot on the freighter Eclipse making a smuggling run to get medical supplies to her home planet of Ryloth which is under the heel of Moff Mors after the misadventure that was the plot of Lords of the Sith. There’s some real suspense as your reading this; the stakes are simple but high. The characters have natural motivations to grasp, and yet a couple of them feel like there is a bit more below the surface. It is an excellent addition that kept my undivided attention.

#2. Bottleneck

Bottleneck is just about the best story to go in between Tarkin and A New Dawn. It is placed in between the two novels both physically in the book and chronologically. The principle characters are Tarkin and Vidian performing an inspection of the production facilities of Gilvaanen, facilities that produce stormtrooper armour. It’s a tale of corporate espionage and rebel scheming that Tarkin and Vidian are tasked with sniffing out. The atmosphere is much calmer than Mercy Mission, and with it being placed right after Tarkin I think it is a good tone shift to prepare you for the feel of A New Dawn.

The characters here are solid well defined, and each one is memorable. Thanks in large part to the much smaller cast. One thing that gets me though, and this is starting to seem like a running pattern, is that alien species are not adequately described. If you asked me what the Ithorian looked like, I wouldn’t be able to tell you what basic shape they have compared to a human.

#3. The Levers of Power

This story revolves around Rae Sloane during the battle of Endor. Sloane was the captain of the Star Destroyer in A New Dawn under Vidian, and here she has gotten to the rank of admiral. The whole story takes place on the bridge of the Star Destroyer she commands, with the focus on her reactions to the progression of the battle. If you’ve seen Star Wars: Return of the Jedi then you know how that goes, and see the response solely from one continuous perspective.

Personally, I think this story is fine but out of place in this collection of stories. Yes, Sloane has been featured in Bottleneck, and yes, she had a prominent role in A New Dawn. However, this story takes place over a decade after the events of A New Dawn and aside from a couple of common elements has nothing to do with the rest of the collection.
#4. Tarkin

I gave my thoughts on this first novel a little while ago, so I think I’m going to link that review here. Fear not though I shall give a brief version of my thoughts here as well.

Tarkin is a good story where the title character is absolutely brilliant. Tarkin certainly has the presence to carry his own story; everyone else feels like a side character even Darth Vader. Couple that with a pair of intriguing stories woven together expertly, and you have a very solid story centred around a villain you are simultaneously rooting for and against.
#5. A New Dawn

Similarly, I’ve also done a previous review for A New Dawn and will be giving my quick thought on this novel.

If you couldn’t tell from comments in previous sections, I particularly like this story and love it when the short stories tie into it. Kannan has a fantastic arc, Vidian is cruelly efficient with a reason you can almost understand, and some of the side characters are simple but enjoyable. If you were to take away the Star Wars aesthetic, I think you would still find an excellent story.

Overall, I believe that this is a worthwhile collection to pick up; particularly if you haven’t already gotten Tarkin and/or A New Dawn. The short stories are nice, but I think I would need maybe another pair of good stories before I would recommend it solely for the short stories. I think that this is certainly worth having if you’re a Star Wars fan but only if you don’t already have both Tarkin and A New Dawn. If you’re not a Star Wars fan then first I would have to find out specifically what it is you don’t like before making my recommendation, but in general, I would say go to your local library and read either Tarkin or A New Dawn and if you like either one of those then I would say get this, if not save your money.

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