Knightly Blog: April 13, 2018

So I’m back with another exercise in writing about nothing for as long as I can keep my attention on my keyboard. I think I’m just going to write for half an hour, maybe I come upon something interesting in this time of musing.

The shadows are growing longer in my room as I type this. I’ve got one of those lamps that you can set to slowly dim until it turns off, like a sunset. It also can simulate a sunrise in the morning as an alarm. I like it, not as much as a pair of candles but I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to setting a warm, quiet mood.

I’m a bit old-fashioned in a bunch of ways, but I find that everyone is a little old-fashioned in some way you just have to talk to them long enough. However,┬áthese days I find myself being a bit more introspective and day-dreaming than actively engaging with others around me. Maybe that’s part of the reason that I’m having a hard time thinking of stuff to write for this blog. I not sure what I can say that people might find interesting. That said, just cause I might not find it interesting doesn’t mean someone else won’t find it interesting.

It’s such a first world problem: not knowing what to write for a blog. But I suppose that having a small problem with a solution is better than not have a problem at all.

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