Knightly Blog: April 11, 2018

And it’s that time of year again; NHL playoffs have begun.

I expect the Penguins to take the Eastern Conference. They’re still on top of their game. Maybe they’ll lose to the Capitals, but I doubt it. Good luck to all the teams in the east though I think it is a bit of a long shot for them.

The Western Conference, on the other hand, looks much more interesting to me. The Predators are making another run on the cup. The Jets are in with a first game win, and I would love to watch them go all the way. Sharks eating Ducks is always fun to watch! And the Golden Knights have made the playoffs in their first year in the league and are going against the Kings. I would also love to see the Knights go to the finals, and if they have to face the Jets to get there, then I can’t lose even one of them has to. However, I think the Knights have a better chance against the Penguins than the Jets.

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