Dear Someone; July 31/2017

Dear Someone,

Let’s try this again… again.

For the next month, I’m going to do my blog thing three times a week. Everything else will be at random and unscheduled because for whatever reason I just can’t hold these things to a schedule. I’m also going to add a story written exclusively for this site, and I’ll release more information on that when I have something ready for posting.

I’ve recently picked up a few writing projects with deadlines that I hope to inform you about as they come along. I will be sure to write a word in all capitals if I ‘win’ as it were.

I, also, now have a dip-pen so I might make a couple of crude videos of me learning how to use it. I find the scratching sound it makes on the paper quite relaxing.


Till next time,

Ian the KnightScribe